The top 5 goals in recent World Cup history.

Much has been said on this topic and many a sunday afternoon in the pub has been ruined because of arguments that this has sparked. I hope this one is no different.So here, to add fuel to the already roaring fire is Twelfth Shirt’s top five goals of recent World Cup history.

1 – Diego Maradona: Argentina v England, 1986

Not content with scoring the most Illegally sublime goal in World Cup history (Hand of God), two minutes later Maradona produced the most legally sublime goal in world cup history.

Maradona takes the ball from his own half and just simply runs, in an almost straight line, towards the England goal avoiding every single defender’s boot en route before slipping passed the unlucky Shilton and scoring what is widely rearded as the greatest gol in world cup history. Legendary.

2 – Esteban Cambiasso: Argentina vs. Serbia and Montenegro. 2006

Argentina put six goals passed the hapless Eastern Europeans but none was quite so sweet as their second. This goal is exquisite because there are a total of 24 passes before Cambassio gets the final boot to it. It really is a to to watch.

3 – Dennis Bergkamp: Netherlands v Argentina, 1998

In the final five minutes before extra time, Frank de Boer sends a beautiful pass, some 50 yards, to the boot of Bergkamp. Bergkamp plucks the ball out of the air, cuts inside and finishes with the outside of his boot to utter delight of Dutch (And English) fans everywhere.

5 – Michael Owen: England v Argentina, 1998

It’s the sheer pace of the young striker that makes this goal so exciting. After controlling the pass from David Beckham, Owen sets off on a run that would leave the Argentinean defence (and much of England) breathless.  He finishes the ball with a sweet shot that totally beats the keeper to find the back of the net in what is probably the best goal of his international career.

We wanted to include the Joe Cole goal against Sweden (surely one of the greatest goals ever scored by England) but for the fact that Owen’s belter was against far superior opponents.

6 – Roberto Baggio: Italy v Czechoslovakia, 1990

Roberto Baggio who was making his debut appearance in the World Cup finals receives the ball on his own half way line, plays a quick one-two, makes a spectacular surge forward before deftly curling the ball around the keeper for the first of Italy’s two goals of the match.

…and finally – Saeed El Oweiran: Saudi Arabia v Belgium, 1994

Ok, ok, ok – so I guess I ought to mention the Saudi one too, it is a great goal after all. However I didn’t include it in my top five because, well… frankly my Nan could score against Belgium!

It does bear a striking resemblance to the Maradona goal, don’t you think?


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