Less than a year to go.

World Cup logo 2010


In less than 12 months time 94,000 spectators at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg and countless millions of footie fans around the world will watch the opening match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Picking the winner this far in advance is never going to be an easy task and emotion normally gets in the way of any sensible decisions – however the favourites to lift the trophy are surely Spain, Brazil and the current champions, Italy. Although we shouldn’t rule out the likes of Germany, Argentina or even those crafty little buggers in orange, the Dutch.

As for England’s chances, well I’d rather not get into that right now – 35 years of crushed dreams and disappointments have left me cold and despondent….. that is of course until the first ball of the tournament is kicked and then it’s ENGERLAND, ENGERLAND, ENGERLAND all the way….

…to the semis!

Capello looks to have us on the right path though and it seems that the press have finally done the decent thing and are letting him get on with his job. Woe betides the poor bugger though if we go out in the first round!

Developers in South Africa are going bonkers ensuring that everything is ready on time and the locals are preparing themselves for the influx of football fans from around the world. Indeed local prostitutes must be rubbing their hands in anticipation but with the rate of HIV and AIDS at an all time high that may be all they end up rubbing.

In preparation for the World Cup, South Africa is hosting the Confederation Cup – seen by many as the test run for next year’s tournament. It will be interesting to see how the county’s infrastructure copes and where, if any, the cracks will appear.


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